Grande Poncho Pearl Grey


Grande Poncho towel is a relaxed and cosy alternative for a bathrobe. Our signature towel material is luxuriously soft, fluffy and water-absorbent cotton. You may wear the Poncho right after a nice bath or shower. Large hood, pockets and snap fasteners on both sides makes the poncho even more relaxed to wear. Comfortable material and harmonious colour world with a little metallic shine brings the spa ambience to your home.

The size of the Grande Poncho equals the sizes M-XL and works well for both genders. Lenght 100 cm, width 85 cm

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      • Design: Luin Living Finland
      • Made in: Turkey
      • Material: 100% soft and absorbent low-twist cotton, 450 g/m2
      • Certificate: Oeko-Tex, no harmful substances
      • Care instructions:
        • Wash your towels in 60 degrees before using them to maximize absorbency
        • Please note that the towel may release some lint during the first few washes
        • Use a tumble-dryer if possible
        • Avoid using fabric softener, as it reduces the absorb

Pearl Grey


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