Capsule wardrobe ideology has been discussed for few years now around the clothing and textile industry. The idea is to go through your own home textiles and to invest on quality products.

The idea of Luin Living has always been to provide products that are timeless and last for years. Products that look good together (mix & match) so that you’re able to create different solutions to your home whenever you need a little change. Our goods fit very well with the Capsule ideology that stands for the minimizing of all unnecessary textiles with reasonable recycling and by investing on quality goods.

Have you ever thought how many towels does one person really need? 

Or is it necessary to have duvet covers in seasonal coloring?

The idea of Capsule is also to ease the textile swell; by relinquishing, recycling and investing you’re making a sustainable and durable choice. Also taking care of the goods becomes easier when the wardrobe is harmonic and minimal.

On this page we inspire to go through one’s wardrobe carefully, eliminating the masses into the few favorite and necessary pieces that are actually in active use. Pick up our tips how to eliminate reasonably and recycle the right way. Make a sustainable choice by buying high quality and timeless textiles for your home. 

Timeless choices for home