Our Story


We are a Finnish brand specializing in setting an uncompromising standard for luxurious, high-quality bath and bathing wear textiles, driven by a passion to bring the spa experience into every home. 

Founded on the Cornerstones of Friendship and Tenacity 

Our story began with a vision to design the best Hair Towel in the world. Recognizing that our desired premium towel material is actually missing in the market, we decided to develop one. Tenaciously benchmarking among the world’s finest towel materials, we collaborated with our manufacturer to develop the perfect towel fabric. A material unseen in the market before. This material led us onto the path we stand today. 

“Before I did not know I needed a Hair Towel.
Now I simply cannot live without it.”
~ Maria, 37yrs.

Beginning of a New Era for Towels

Since 2015, we’ve been at the forefront of the home spa revolution. We introduced a groundbreaking concept that redefined the role of a towel—it’s no longer just a towel, but a daily indulgence that transports you to the luxurious ambiance of a spa experience. For us, happiness and well-being reside in small moments of everyday life, not just in dreaming for the weekends or vacations. 

We once set ourselves the goal that once you experience the unmatched luxury of our towel, you’ll never settle for anything less. We still stand by this today, but no longer alone, but together with our customers around the world.  

Timeless, High-Quality, and Long-Lasting – The Ultimate Sustainability Choice #1

Sustainability is the sum of many details. From the outset, we have been committed to design only timeless and long-lasting products that surpass expectations in user experience. We have introduced many innovative products to the market, such as a snap-fastened design Hair Towel, a groundbreaking Spa Dress, and, for example, a Baby Towel that lasts until the age of five. We have not engaged in seasonal production but focus on designing timeless products that last years after years. 

For us, careful consideration of the manufacturing process from raw materials to production methods, consideration for human and environmental well-being, logistical decisions, and packaging are all self-evident. We have examined and planned every step of the production process for each of our products, down to every detail. Each product has its own story and its own journey. 

We are deeply committed to environmentally friendly practices and designing long-lasting products only. Our aim is to reduce our ecological footprint and foster a future where the beauty of nature endures for generations to come. We strive to set an example for others and encourage our customers to purchase only timeless, high-quality and long-lasting products.

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Welcome to the new era of towels!

Mari & Noora
Friends, founders, and designers

years of everyday indulgence

hair towels sold globally

countries around the world