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It all started with friendship

Luin Living is a brand focused on everyday pampering, founded by two Finnish friends in 2015. Our story began with the name Luin Spa, with the intention to bring spa feelings to every home. Then, in 2018, we expanded more strongly to the entire home interior and lifestyle selection and decided to change our name to Luin Living.

From the beginning, our passion has been to bring pampering moments into people’s lives. We are extremely happy that throughout these past years we have gained customers from more than 25 countries. Most of all, we are driven by customers’ feedback, from you and all around the world, it is special to hear your thoughts and, for example, that a hair towel has made the life of a new mother easier.

That’s why we founded the Lounge. That’s why we would like you to join it!

Mari & Noora