Father’s Day Gift Ideas


This exceptionally plush and soft bathrobe is the ideal choice for gentlemen who enjoy indulging in relaxation after a refreshing bath or shower.

The Your Home – Your Spa bathrobe collection features our signature towel material, meticulously crafted from the finest cotton to elevate your daily routine into a luxurious experience. The modern Scandinavian color palette and design effortlessly complement any home decor and suit every season. With a belt attached to the back and generous pockets, it offers both style and convenience.


Indulge in post-bath relaxation with these plush and comfortable bath slippers, designed for men who appreciate some well-deserved chill time after a refreshing bath or shower.

These slippers are not only durable and practical but also easy to care for – they are machine-washable, and to maintain their exceptional softness, you can even tumble dry them on low heat.


The poncho is designed for versatility, perfect for wearing immediately after a bath or shower, or as a comfortable and casual evening outfit. With its spacious hood, pockets, and snap fasteners on both sides, this poncho ensures cozy comfort.

Crafted from comfortable materials and featuring a harmonious color palette with a touch of metallic shine, this poncho becomes your trusted companion for everyday use, year after year.


Elevate your post-shower routine with this sophisticated and comfortable men’s wrap towel.

Featuring practical and robust concealed snap fasteners, this generously sized 60x150cm towel accommodates most men and can be easily adjusted to your preference with the snappers. The elastic band on the back ensures a secure fit, and a convenient front pocket adds functionality. Crafted from Luin Living’s sumptuously soft and highly absorbent Signature towel material, this towel promises both luxury and utility.