Home Spa tips for natural beauty – 5 tips to treat your skin and hair

Before the season of the summer sun, our skin and hair requires more hydration and gentle care. As we all know, the (oh so lovely) sun will effect our skin and cause pigment changes. Our hair also suffers from the scorching sun and needs some moisture to help.

So here you go –  5 easy tips for everyday beauty!


Grab a soap bar and a spa towel or facial towel. Water the towel thoroughly and leave to soak in warm water. Foam the  soap between your hands under warm tap water. Go through the face throughout with foam in a rotating motion. Leave the foam on your skin for a moment. Take a warm towel and wipe the soap off of your face. Finish with lotion. Our soap bar contains e.g. Bilberries grown in Finnish Lapland. Billberry oil protects the skin with antioxidants, moisturizes, brightens and smoothes out excessive skin pigmentation.

2. LIGHT PEELING OF tired skin

You need a soap bar and a peeling glove. Foam the soap and rub into the glove with the warm water. Go through the whole body, gently massaging. The soap leaves a pleasant softness and the scent of spring forest on your skin!


Soak the make-up brush in hot water and rub it lightly into the soap so that foam begins to form on the brush. If necessary, rinse the brush under warm water. Repeat the treatment depending on the dirt on the brush. Rinse the soap lightly after washing. Dry the brush horizontally on a clean surface.

4. Eyebrows QUICK FIX

Do you dream of thick and natural eyebrows? Try the trendy soap treatment with our soap bar and make the best of your uneasy brows! Gently swirl the brow brush on a surface of a slightly damp piece of soap. Note that the brush should only have a little bit of soap in it. Slightly rub the soaped brush into the brows while shaping them. At the same time, help the hairs with your fingers so that the soap sticks into the brows as desired. Finish with brow pencil or pomade and voilá!

5. SHAMpoo your hair

Comb your hair all over. Wet your hair and a bar of soap with warm water. Use plenty of water on your hands and hair to make the piece foam easily. You can foam the piece first in your hands and rub the foam into your hair or you can rub the piece directly into your hair. For long hair, rub the piece first into the hair lengths. After washing, we recommend a conditioner or oil care, especially for thick hair.