Serene Rug Sand


The ecological Serene rug is handwoven from 100% recycled cotton. Weaving rugs by hands is an ancient process of art making every single weaved rug a unique treasure. The touch in handwoven rugs is often softer and thicker making them more comfortable in use. With the correct care and maintenance, handwoven rugs can last even longer than a lifetime!

Our Serene rugs are made with pre consumer recycled cotton. The cotton comes from the waste of ring spinning process of other textile factories. Cotton from unused residues is still as good as new virgin fiber, without the loss of quality and without the environmental problems caused by cotton cultivation.

The Serene rug is suitable for the bathroom, bedroom and any room in the home to create a pleasant atmosphere. Serene’s design combines a harmonious color scheme with timelessly beautiful details.

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Design: Luin Living Finland
Made in: Handwoven in India
Material: 100% recycled cotton, 1500g/m2
Certificate: Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Handwoven rugs may have some natural size differences due to the manufacturing process of each rug. To control the size, the rugs are over woven in length and width by about 5-6%, as the rugs shrink a little in the wet process after the weaving process. The size differences are also affected by each weaver’s own handprint.

Tolerance table for handmade Serene Rugs:

Size Width / cm Length / cm
60×80 cm +2 / -1 +2 / -1
70×120 cm +2 / -1 +3 / -2
70×200 cm +2 / -1 +4 / -2

Spot cleaning.
Line dry.

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60x80cm, 70x120cm, 70x200cm


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