Scented Candle Because I’m HAPPY


The fruity red berry notes blended with fresh aromas of pine wood and white cedar in our Because I´m HAPPY candle simply fills your home with happiness.

This hand poured large candle is made of natural mineral and vegetable wax and with two wicks it will brighten the atmosphere at your home for up to 45 hours. Glass Colour: Translucent Pearl Grey.

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  • Design: Luin Living Finland
  • Made in EU
  • Burning Time: 45 h
  • Size: Height 10cm, diameter 10cm
  • Material: Mineral and vegetable wax

Use instructions for Natural Wax Candles

  • Cut the wick before each burning. The size of the wick should not exceed 1cm.
  • When burning the candle for the first time, let it burn until the whole surface is liquid. This will avoid the candle becomes hollow.
  • Dark smoke after some hours burning means the wick is too long. It is time to put out the candle.
  • Five minutes after putting out the candle, and before the wax is solid, reposition the wick vertically to its initial place.
  • Do not burn the last centimeters of wax to avoid wick lying down and burning against the glass due to a lack of stability in fully liquid wax.

Pearl Grey


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