Get cosy for autumn!

Our unisex Bathrobe represents our ideology of comfiness, timeless esthetic and happiness at home. As a unisex product the Bathrobe fits all sexes and ages. You can recycle the product from a family member to another thanks to it’s high quality.

The robe is made of our signature material that it woven from the finest 100% cotton sustainably in Turkey. Cotton fibers are not twisted giving the fabric it’s unique absorbency and fluffiness. The Bathrobe is also lightweight so it won’t feel heavy when being worn. 

The model is classic robe added with a handy collar. Use the collar in two ways: leave the collar traditionally open or pull it up to bring warmth. Belt attached to the back makes your moving around easy even with the robe open.

As the autumn arrives we find ourselves looking for things to get cosy with and spend time with embracing softness. What would be a better way of executing this than with a fluffy and delicate Bathrobe? The 100% cotton is super absorbent so it’s easy to spend more than just a while in your robe wandering around the house.