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It was just another day at the maternity leave, checking the emails while the baby was asleep. Online discount companies, such as Offerium, were quite popular back in those days. And there it was, spotted, a small banner of a turban that would stay on your head after a shower. What a brilliant idea! Order for eight pieces was placed.

The turbans arrived quite soon. The first impression, though, was not a thrill. The visual appearance and colors were poor, the turban was too small and the attachment system with button and string felt difficult. The material reminded more like a kitchen wipe rather than a pampering item for your daily beauty routines. You would not want that for your hair and also, it was clear since the first test, the material did not really absorb very well either.

But still, it was the idea of a towel which stays on your head and gives you free hands to do your beauty routines or enjoy a cup of your favorite drink after a shower that delighted us. We both had babies back in the summer of 2013 and it was clear a Hair Towel would add a practical element into the daily routines at home, especially with the baby.

After sharing those eight turbans with friends and family, it was confirmed. The concept was brilliant, we just needed to upgrade the implementation – seriously! The dream to design and develop the best hair towel in the world was born.



Every woman is beautiful. Our main goal was to make every girl and all women feel beautiful and gorgeous after shower everyday at home. So from the start it was clear to us that the visual design needed to be absolutely stunning.

We started the process by creating a name and logo for our brand-to-be. We wanted the name to be international, quite short and basically meaningless, so that some day in the future it can be a known concept of its own. Luin, based on the name play, sounded perfect.

We are not actual designers. But, we were on a mission, so we just took a pen and paper and drew the first design.

We wanted the Hair Towel to have a modern look, so harmonious Scandinavian colors were chosen. We added a trim surrounding the face to make the user look beautiful. We put our logo on the side, just like there is a logo on a Mercedes Benz, stating, it is a high quality car and you can trust the quality, by just looking at the brand name. Metallic shine was brought in to enhance the luxurious touch. ..back in 2013 we had not seen a towel with silver or gold color embroidering before.

Do you have a dream? Just go for it!

You don’t need to be a professional designer to design if you are convinced you know the market need and are willing to invest your time and energy. Our history was more in marketing and business development, rather than product planning, but we felt when it comes to chasing dreams, you just need to go for it. That’s what we did, simply because we felt in our hearts we have a good idea which would indulgence the women all around the globe.


Curly or straight hair? Long or short hair? Grandma or a toddler? We wanted the design to please all girls and women, why not men as well.

The size and shape of the towel was rather easy to determine. We bought some towel material and sewed different sized samples. Then we tested the samples with our family and friends and found the perfect size.

Attachment was quite difficult one. We wanted a firm and long-lasting, easy-to-use solution, unlike buttons and rubber strings. Thinking about it night and day, it hit us, a snap fastener would be the perfect, practical and durable choice. We loved it since the first sample. Once again, we can honestly say, we had never seen a snapper in a towel before.

Then it was the time to start the most difficult, yet important, phase of the project. The development of the material. It was clear we were after luxurious softness and extreme absorbency. Only the best of qualities would be good enough for our future customers, the women around the world.

The story of developing the right material and finding the right producer is long (yet interesting) and we will share it with you some day. At some point it felt almost impossible to find the perfect producer and material, but we were on a mission and giving up was not an option!

The year 2014 will stay in our memories as a year with daily excitement of waiting for the mail man to arrive or DHL courier to stop by. During that year we received more than a hundred of towel material samples from the potential producers. Imagine that only three of the samples were somewhat close to the softness and fluffiness we were searching for. We chose our producer from Turkey and continued to develop our very own Your Home – Your Spa Signature material with them.

The moment we realized we were ready was when the otherwise poorly sleeping baby had a sample towel on her cot and fell asleep immediately having her face against the towel. That’s when we knew in our hearts this is it. 


Our favorite story about hair towels is probably a story one of our customers has shared with us. She told us she has used a clothes peg to attach a towel on her hair after shower for years before buying one of our hair towels. How amazing is that in the 21st century when people have traveled to the moon and back already decades ago?

What is your story? We would looooove to hear it. Please share it with us at or in our social media (FB or IG) with @luinliving #luinhairtowel . 

We will reward the best stories with, surprise surprise, Hair Towels 🙂

With Love,

Team Luin Living