Photoshootings with Kids

Cant help loving the kids at photo shootings.

Photo shooting day. Everything is scheduled. We follow the photo script step by step; scenes change, products change, models change, lightning changes. Hurry hurry hurry so that we can keep up the plan.

And then, according to the schedule

The Kids arrive 

Forget the schedule, forget the rush, forget about to tell them how to pose or smile or where to look.

They are the bosses. 

They re-write the script. 

They do what they want to do. 

Here is how it went!

“So kids. Lets warm up a little bit. Stay pretty much still and smile. Use the hoods please!”

“So could you sit down and use the slippers. If you could smile.

We are trying to take some photos of the ponchos and slippers”

“mmm ok well thank you kids. ..I quess you can use slippers like that too… ”

“So moving further. Lets take some small kids poncho images.”

“So that was simply not a good idea. 

Maybe the big sister is on a mood for larger poncho images..”

 “Right. Next we would need some photos of Ponchos for the whole family.”

“Perfect, we got it! 

And then it would be great to have some pictures of our bathrobes when 3 year old is wearing it. And also slippers too since we need some set images”

“Well this is not working really. 

Maybe an adult model could help to make a little more pampering feeling? “


“So then we take some nice pictures of our Baby&Cape Towel. 

Could you kindly raise your head just a little bit”

“A smile maybe?”

“So lets try to take some granite poncho pictures as the grande finale.”

(Where did that flute in the pocket come from? No idea…)

And that´s a wrap! 

As the result we think we got like 2 “good” photos and 1000 very lively ones 😍